Lucern Livingston, Botany Professor at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania,
and Al Mahood, Biology Teacher at San Rafael High School, California,
for sparking my interest.

Diatoms of the United States provides ideas for morphology
classification and programming the web site.

The Western Pacific Diatom Project,
hosted at the University of Texas at Austin, for
many useful images for identification of diatoms from Hawaii.
Chris Lobban has helped identify selected images and shared
the "tea ball" nickname for Podosira. Ed Theriot for encouraging me
to continue my own floras-in-progress.

The Diatoms (1990) by Round, Crawford, and Mann as a major resource.

The drawings and descriptions by Easter E. Cupp in her
Marine Plankton Diatoms Of The West Coast of North America (1943)
for help with identifying forms from the surf on the Oregon Coast.

The Algae Image Database at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia (ANSP),
for fresh water identifications.

Diatoms Ireland for its repository of papers on techniques.

Sam VanLandingham for sharing his diatom library, particularly
his paper on the geology of the diatomite at Terrebonne, Oregon, US,
and for his reminder that "there is no such thing as a taxonomic truth."

The moderators and members of The Diatom Forum for their valued experiences.

Carol Hickman, malacologist, for "Evolution is not progress."

Carl Sagan for "the pale blue dot" to remind us where we are.

Voltaire for "All things must end. Meanwhile, we must amuse ourselves."